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All schemes, strategic and project-based, must answer seven key questions...

Why? How? What? Where? For whom? By whom? Where next?

You should ask the same questions when selecting S & A.


Proven track record; flexible teams to meet your specific needs; close working relationship with Client; unique solutions that succeed; objective and rigorous approach; specialists with expertise in the industry; value for money.


Market appraisal; analysis; strategic planning; feasibility studies; business planning; marketing, communications and interpretive plans; funding packages and applications; implementation action plans; monitoring and evaluation.


Tourism and leisure strategies; feasibility studies for hotels, attractions, sports facilities, stadia and health clubs; economic and environmental impact assessments; visitor projections and trends; interpretive plans; development appraisals; human resource studies.


Commissions have been undertaken in Albania, Cyprus, England, Finland, Greece, Northern Ireland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Malta, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (Catalunya), Uzbekistan, Wales, Zanzibar.

For Whom?

Central and regional governments, local authorities, national tourist boards, development agencies, sports clubs, community groups, NGOs, private sector clients, and international development organisations. Private Sector Clients include: Philips, Tyco, Richardsons, Jones Laing LaSalle, Conrad Phoenix, Coca Cola, Trades Union Congress, Wedgwood, Granada plc, Welsh Rugby Union, Beaulieu Estate, Sir Richard Sutton's Settled Estate, Shannon Development. International Development Clients include: Department for International Development (UK), World Tourism Organisation, United Nations Development Programme, European Union.

By Whom?

Industry experienced senior professionals with full support services including specialist researchers; small scale specialist teams are compiled to meet the different needs of each project.

Where Next?

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