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Jura Escarpment Sustainable Tourism Strategy

Client:UK know How Fund, Department for International Development

Completion Date: 01/01/2000

Contact Name: Terry Stevens or Mariska van den Broek

This strategy was a challenging initiative by the UK Know How Fund, the British Government's programme of bilateral technical assistance to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

The Jura programme was set up to identify alternative, less fragile sites that could be developed for recreation or tourism within the Jura Escarpment. This high quality landscape near Kraków, which includes the Ojców National Park, is under severe pressure from the sheer number of visitors on weekends in the Summer for both casual and more active recreation. S & A, together with RPS Chapman Warren, have been involved in a series of exercises assessing potential sites within the Jura Region for different types of sustainable recreational and tourism development projects.

Key to the success of the project was a programme of training seminars and workshops - organised with the support of the Kraków-based Association of MATRIK (Management Training in Kraków and the Regions) - for representatives from the local communities, national and landscape park administration and other environmental organisations. These seminars aimed to involve local partners in the process of site evaluation and development and to demonstrate how to apply these techniques to the Jura Region with reference to relevant examples from Britain.

This strategy for the Jura Escarpment is a demonstration project and as such has been designed to guide the planning and management for recreational activity of protected areas elsewhere in Poland.

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